Razer CEO: ‘super disappointed’ with Dell and HP

Earlier this week, Razer announced two new Windows 8 laptops; the 14-inch Blade and the 17-inch Blade Pro that will go on sale next week. Both notebooks are very thin and fairly light for their [...]

Windows Blue to feature Start Button and new Start Screen and Charms Bar

Windows Blue (8.1) is set to fix a few things that Windows 8 got wrong, for example it has been rumored that the Start Button and boot-to-desktop functionality may be returning in the RTM version [...]

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How to speed up your internet connection in Windows and prevent bandwidth limiting

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Welcome to the Windows “8” Consumer Preview

Windows 8 the next version of Microsoft® Windows® is here for some of us and will be made public in just a few weeks, but even now Microsoft is getting ready to showcase the new technologies that [...]