Windows Blue to feature Start Button and new Start Screen and Charms Bar

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Windows Blue (8.1) is set to fix a few things that Windows 8 got wrong, for example it has been rumored that the Start Button and boot-to-desktop functionality may be returning in the RTM version of Windows 8.1. Another report has today claimed that there may be more tweaks coming for desktop users, these include an updated Charms Bar and better Start Screen for desktop users.


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Mary Jo Foley has claimed that one of her ‘ Windows Blue tipsters ‘ have reported that the Start Screen and Charms Bar will get tweaked and updated to better work with desktop users in Windows 8.1. ¬†Along with these changes will come new tutorials for both desktop and tablet users too!

Mary Jo Foley states that some of those features may not make it in time for the public preview in June, but could possibly make it into the RTM version of Windows 8.1 ( Windows Blue ), this would make many desktop users happy.

While it’s currently unknown what new tweaks could fix the Start Screen and Charms Bar for desktop users, it’s good to know that it’s possible that Microsoft may be planning to do something about it, they seem to have acknowledged that Windows 8 doesn’t fair well with keyboard and mouse users, so these changes can only improve that!

We really hope changes to the Charms Bar and Start Screen will make it into Windows 8.1, as it could convince desktop users to finally make the jump from Windows 7 or older operating systems.

Of course, read with salt. It could be false.

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