Watch the Xbox One X being built by hand, piece by piece

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In the segment from Xbox Daily, we get to see Leonardo Del Castillo, General Manager of Xbox Hardware, put together an Xbox One X. Much like a PC, the Xbox One X relies on a processor, motherboard, case, and other components. Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of the console is the Scorpio Engine, which is the console’s SoC that has 7 billion transistors, utilizes 2400 signals, and is fitted onto a 50x50mm package. Del Castillo goes on to discuss the details of the custom built motherboard and also shows off the 12GB RAM that is available onboard.

He continues to take the hard drive, heatsink, fan, assembling all the bits together until you have a fully assembled Xbox One X with its plastic matte black exterior.

The console will arrive on November 7 and will be priced at $499.

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