I Want To Register Domain Name And Host My Website. Where Do I Go?

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In order to have your website available in the World Wide Web, you need a place where to host it. This place is provided by the web hosting provider.
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SmartCloud by Canada Web Developer is a great option for a website with low and moderate traffic, such as a personal or a small business website. It’s also great for those of us who aren’t tech savvy and just want a trouble-free and easy way to put information online. You don’t have to let money or tech skills keep you from making the website you want to make.
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Why SmartCloud?

[space px=”10″] We invest in infrastructure so that our servers don’t become overloaded. All requests are dynamically distributed across our servers to ensure your sites are served faster. This means your pages load quickly, your users are happy, and when they are happy with your website speed and presence they tend to turn into customers…

ServerRoom Canada
[space px=”10″] Unlike other agencies, SmartCloud cloud hosting easily handles traffic spikes by utilizing the power and logic of multiple servers working together to serve your website. This means less ‘down time’ and a happy visitor experience.

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Our Web Hosting Packages



Professional +

[button priority=”tertiary” size=”medium” wide=”true” href=”” linking=”new-window”]$4.99 Usd/per month[/button]
[button priority=”secondary” size=”medium” wide=”true” href=”” linking=”new-window” ]$6.99 Usd/per month[/button]
15 GB of Storage Space 30 GB of Storage Space
15 TB of Bandwidth per Month 30 TB of Bandwidth per Month
1 Hosted Domains 3 Hosted Domains
3 MySQL Databases 15 MySQL Databases
100% Managed 100% Managed
Virus Scanner Advanced Virus Scanner
99.9% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
Pricing based on a 365 day billing cycle, the prices do not include VAT or gateway fees.

All the packages are based on our Shared web hosting platform: Your website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds or thousands. All domains may share a common pool of server resources, such as Memory , Processor and other internal components. Access to the server itself is not allowed.

All the packages include our managed solutions so you don’t have to do anything on our servers, this also applies if you buy your domain via Canada Web Developer, if you buy a new domain or you want to transfer your website to our hosting service a small transfer and setup fee will be billed to you before your website has been transferred of $25.99, if you prefer to do the transfer yourself we will give you the server ip address along with your FTP Details.

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Canada Web Hosting Services | A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web

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After April 01 2014, Canada Web Developer Hosting Solutions will no longer offer free email personalized email accounts as requested by Microsoft Corp.
Our Personalized Email Account Service will now be part of Microsoft® Office® 365, current customers can still add new email accounts but this will end on June 01 2014.
Please contact our sales team to migrate your email accounts to Microsoft® Office® 365.


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