Online TV for Windows Phone has now over 100,000 Downloads!

Last month (2013/06/15) we announced that our app Online TV for Windows Phone had passed the 50,000 download mark, today just a month after the 50k announcement, we have reached the 100,000 download mark!

So we are celebrating our 100,000 downloads with a special promotion on our Web Development and Implementation from $355 at ONLY $155 (plus fees), this promotion will run from July 17 2013 to August 17 2013.

So when you decide to take your business marketing campaign onto the Internet, you should turn to the professional web designers from Canada Web Developer, in only 45 minutes or less! You will have an SEO optimized Website Powered by the newest version of WordPress, with a set of tools that can get you to page 1 on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Remember this is a promotional price and requires your website to have a small link to our site. If you require an unbranded site, additional fees will apply.
How to Select a Web Design Company by Canada Web Developer

As of now Online TV for Windows Phone has 103,676 viewers, that have downloaded the app and are enjoying our Online TV Channel, we will be partnering up with independent producers and You Tubers to bring new and exciting content to the TV Channel, one of those partnerships will be with Funimation, brining hit series to the TV Signal of Online TV for Windows Phone, Online TV for Windows and soon Online TV for Xbox.

So stay tuned for more apps, more TV programs, more news and more updates!

Thank You All for your support!




Danny McGuire

Founder of Canada Web Developer



Online TV for Windows Phone by Canada Web Developer

Online TV for Windows Phone by Canada Web Developer

If you haven’t download our Online TV for Windows Phone then what you waiting for?

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