Smoked by Windows Phone, This is why you should get a Windows Phone

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Earlier this month at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Microsoft decided to have some fun and gave random attendees a chance to win $100 if their smartphone could beat one based on Windows Phone in performance tests.

On Friday, Microsoft’s Windows Phone blog posted a “best of” video showing the highlights of those various smartphone battles where a Windows Phone device duked it out with owners of phones like the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy II, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and many more.

As we have reported before, the final result was that the Windows Phone device beat the other smartphones in the tests most of the time with 30 wins, three losses and one draw. The tests were a mix of various including simply writing “Hello” and posting that tiny message on Facebook.

The video doesn’t edit out when Windows Phone loses the challenge. We do get to see the $100 being given out to the smartphone owner that managed to smoke Windows Phone. However, it looks like everyone who took the test at CES got something for their effort; namely a brand new Windows Phone. That’s not a bad consolation prize at all.

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