Did your WordPress site get hacked?

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Remember a few weeks ago there was all that noise about WordPress blogs getting hacked? Remember how everyone was urged to upgrade their blogs. You did upgrade didn’t you? No? It was inevitable that you’d be hacked. If you haven’t been hacked yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Unfortunately for some who did upgrade, it was too late. The hacker slimeballs may have known about the security issues before we did and went about their merry way breaking into blogs and websites, grabbing usernames and passwords, and planting backdoor scripts to log them in again at a later date.

That’s how even diligently upgraded blogs were hacked. The bad guys got there before you.

In the last week the hackers have started again. This time they’re redirecting hits from Google to your blog. Those hits are instead being redirected to several domains.

If you’ve been hacked

We recommend you to move your WordPress based Site to a more secure and reliable platform such as WebCore
Or contact us so we can help you out.

Change Your Passwords

Once you’ve upgraded and verified that your install is clean again you must do the following:

Change the passwords of all users on your system.
Make sure the hacker hasn’t added another user account he can use to login again.

My Personal Recommendation


Personally, I would much rather spend my time creating content than messing around with the database side of WordPress. Which is why my personal recommendation is to hire professionals! I use premium, managed WordPress hosting via SmartCloud and they take care of everything. I don’t even have to bother with any of the plugins. They automatically back up my site, manage security, and in the event that I am still somehow hacked, they will fix it. And with WebCore I get all the benefits of WordPress but without any of its drawbacks.

Sure, I pay a premium for their service, but if that means I never have to deal with being hacked again I’m ok with that. Plus, having a blazing fast (and secure) site allows me to do more business with greater peace of mind.

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