#EPNvsInternet Mass Campaign against Mexican Communications Bill

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More than a thousand protesters marched through the center of Mexico City on Tuesday demonstrating against a proposed new internet censorship law. With this law, authorities would be able among other things to set “silent zones” during demonstrations.

A joint mass action between civil organizations and activist is pushing to revert the Telecommunications Bill proposal sent by president Enrique Peña Nieto for Congress’ approval. The Netizen Report published by Global Voices Advocacy this month summarizes the reason:

Billed as an effort to break up Mexico’s notorious telecommunications and broadcast monopolies, the law covers a broad range of electronic communications issues [es] — and treads heavily in human rights territory. At the behest of the “competent” authorities, the law authorizes telecommunications companies to “block, inhibit, or eliminate” communications services “at critical moments for public and national security.” The law also authorizes Internet service providers to offer service packages that “respond to market demands” and differentiating in “capacity, speed, and quality” – a measure that could preclude protections for net neutrality in the country. To top it off, security measures in the law would allow authorities to track user activity in real time using geolocation tools, without obtaining prior court approval.

The Global Action Day Against Censorship in Mexico calls for a “worlwide storm of messages, videos, blog posts, press articles, songs and anything that can help support” the cause. On top of this action, there will be a protest on April 22, 2014 called #MarchaContraElSilencio (Protest against silence). Besides, on April 26, there’s a plan for a human chain sit up starting from the officila residence of the President of Mexico, Los Pinos, to the Televisa’s [es] (main TV broadcaster) headquarters inChapultepec, covering a distance of aproximately 7 kms.

Hashtag #EPNvsInternet became worldwide trending topic.

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