Don’t forget: claim your free OneDrive storage this weekend or lose it forever

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few months, you likely know that Microsoft is cutting back on its OneDrive storage options. The base storage will drop from 15GB to 5Gb, unlimited Office 365 storage is going away for consumers, and some paid tiers will be disappearing. Microsoft took a step back though after a torrent of complaints, and the 15GB storage plans can be retained with an official opt-in.

The thing is, there’s a time limit on the offer, and it’s coming up very soon. Specifically, if you don’t take the appropriate steps before January 31 comes to a close, you’ll lose your 15GB free storage forever. If you qualify, then you’ll want to get a move on.

If you haven’t taken the time (just a couple of clicks, actually) to retain your free storage, be sure to get right on that, because after the end of the month you’ll lose the opportunity. Go here to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to retain your free storage.

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