2nd International Consciencia Congress , Puebla Mexico

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Canada Web Developer invites you to the 2nd International Consciencia Congress on February 21st and 22nd

2nd International Consciencia Congress brings together leading experts and from around the world, in a huge effort to open the minds and kick start the consciousness of all the attendees , Transpersonal Institute , a socially responsible group with support from universities such as Saybrook in California , join forces in Puebla, to make bridge between science and spirituality with “The Unsolved Mysteries Of Life”

The 2nd International Consciencia Congress will place in the auditorium of Complejo Cultural Universitario, in Puebla Mexico starting February 21 and ending February 22 2014. Capable of accommodating 3,000 guests from all the corners of the world.

The world urgently needs changes, and those changes can be achieved if we take the action ans start to take care of it.
Once again we transform our dream to a reality, and we want you to enjoy it with us…

Do not miss out this unique experience

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