YouTube launches its own “Let it Snow” feature

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Even if you live in a place where there is no snow to be seen, it’s more than likely that you can generate some flakes on your own via your PC. We have already reported on Google’s Easter Egg that makes it snow when you type in “let it snow” in your search results.  This week, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team launched its own “Let it Snow” web site to show off how IE 9 and IE 10 can handle HTML5 programming and GPU-enhanced web sites.


Now it’s time for YouTube to join the snow party with its own holiday visual feature. Simply go to a YouTube page, such as this link for a Samsung Windows Phone TV ad, and you will see a snowflake icon in the bottom of the video alongside the resolution choices and the closed captioning option. Pressing the snowflake, and then running the video, will result in a mini-snow storm that shows up as you watch the video.


The snowflakes are also semi-interactive. You can move the cursor in front of the video and the snowflakes will move away from that PC cursor. That’s basically it for the YouTube “Let it Snow” feature but we wouldn’t be surprised if some others pop up before December 25 comes around.

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