Which version of Windows 10 is for you? Microsoft’s feature chart will help you decide

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Later this month, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 and for consumers who want to know the differences between Home and Pro SKUs, the company has released a new chart that will make the decision a bit easier.

Posted below is the chart that details the differences between Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education. For the enterprise, there is only one option and the same goes for education, so this chart is most beneficial to the consumer to see if they need the Home or Pro SKU.

To no surprise, the enterprise branch is the only version of the OS which will have the Long Term Servicing Branch. Microsoft must provide this option to assure its corporate clients that they can be in compete control of the update process and that the OS will be serviced for a significant length of time as well.

Windows 10 will start being rolled out to users on July 29th but as the company noted, not everyone will receive the OS on this date. The company will be pushing the OS out in waves to consumers whose machines have passed the compatibility test starting with Windows Insiders.

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