Rumored Nokia EOS Windows Phone video leaked along with more hardware details

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Nokia EOS long-rumored smartphone may not be officially announced yet, but that has not stopped various sources from leaking a ton of photos of the phone this week. The images show off prototypes of Nokia EOS the upcoming Windows Phone 8 device with its rumored 41 megapixel camera.

Now one of those photo leak sources, ViziLeaks, has gone ahead and posted an actual video showing an extreme close-up of the phone’s camera bump. The video shows the lens shutter working on the camera, but otherwise there’s nothing else revealed in the clip that hasn’t already been shown in leaked photos.

ViziLeaks’ blog does have some more information on the phone, based on the prototype they have managed to obtain. Not surprisingly, the post claims that the phone creates a bulge when put inside a pants pocket, and feels “a bit weighty.” This is more than likely due to the extra camera hardware.

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The actual material for the Nokia EOS case remains unknown; apparently the person writing as ViziLeaks could not determine if it was metal or a polycarbonate plastic. The right side of the Nokia EOS prototype has a volume button, power button and camera button. The top of the device has the headphone jack, the microSD expansion card slot and its microphone. Finally, the bottom of the device is where the speaker is located, along with a micro-USB port and a lanyard u-port.

Rumors have stated that the Nokia EOS is being tested on AT&T’s network and could launch sometime in July.

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