Redbox launches website to comment on rental ban of Xbox One games


Redbox launches website to comment on rental ban of Xbox One games

When Microsoft revealed its used disc game policies for the Xbox One console earlier this week, one thing that was revealed was that Microsoft was not going to allow the rental of those disc products for its launch, saying only that it was “exploring the possibilities with our partners.”

That revelation likely doesn’t please companies like GameFly, Blockbuster and Redbox, which have offered game rentals for many of the current and past game consoles. Redbox appears to be taking a rather interesting course of action that may rally an effort for Microsoft to change its mind.

redbox - the future of gaming is now

Redbox, which rents Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games from its thousands of kiosks in the US, has launched a website called On the surface, it just seems to be a place where anyone can comment on the next generation of games consoles like the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The site states:

Have you heard about what’s coming? Reports say that Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 might have enhanced graphics, enhanced motion control, cloud-based storage, new games and experiences. But you might not be able to play without an Internet connection, lend games freely, buy used games or rent games. We want to provide a forum for you to talk about what excites you about the future of gaming… and what concerns you.

It would appear that Redbox is trying to get the gaming community fired up enough that they demand that Microsoft, and maybe Sony, allow for game disc rentals for their next consoles. So far neither GameFly nor Blockbuster have commented on Microsoft’s stance of no rentals for Xbox One game discs.

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