Microsoft: Cortana for Windows Phone is our top priority, will come to Windows too

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With the recent controversy regarding the possibility of Cortana on other platforms, many Microsoft fans have gone absolutely crazy over the idea. Many users think giving Cortana away will give iOS and Android users even more of a reason to stay with their device, but those users haven’t actually thought it through correctly. Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone Marcus Ash has clarified on Twitter plans for Cortana.


At this currently stage, Microsoft are currently thinking about having Cortana on rival platforms, but nothing is in development. It’s highly likely that it will happen in the future though, and that’s not a bad thing. Microsoft today clarified their plans with Cortana, reassuring the Microsoft ecosystem that the Cortana experience on Windows Phone is their top priority and will always be the best.

Microsoft’s plan is to make Cortana on Windows Phone so good, that even though Cortana is available on other devices, they’ll want to move over for the full experience. Cortana on Android and iOS is never going to be as good as the Windows Phone counterpart, and Microsoft will make sure of that.

Cortana on other platforms will not happen until Cortana is full of features and way more capable on Windows Phone. Cortana is exclusive to Windows, and Microsoft tends to keep the best features for it’s own child.

Microsoft is also planning to bring Cortana to Windows. The same experience on your phone will soon be on your desktop, which is why bringing Cortana to other platforms makes sense. Hundreds of millions of users who have an iPhone or Android device do not have a Mac, and when they realize Cortana is pretty sweet on their PC, they’re going to want to try it out on their phone. They’ll then realise that Cortana on Windows Phone is so much more capable, and will be determined to switch.

Microsoft knows what they’re doing, and Windows Phone and Windows customers will always be first. So, now you’ve got an understanding as to why Cortana may come to other platforms, do you think it’s a good idea? Leave us your thoughts below.

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