Happy New Year! and Welcome to 2013

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May I offer my best wishes to you, and to your families, for success, good health and happiness throughout 2013!  Danny McGuire Founder of Canada Web Developer

Happy New Year! and Welcome to 2013, It is my pleasure to address you with some remarks as we start 2013.
2012 was a particularly challenging year. I would like to reiterate my sincere sympathy to everyone affected in the sad and tragic events that happened throughout the year.


I feel very lucky that Canada Web Developer did not suffer any of the devastating effects of last year events, I thank all our partners for the amazing job they have done on keeping our services up and running.


In 2012, the start of the final year of our third medium-term business plan, Canada Web Developer continued to strengthen its production base and take steps to genuinely globalize operations.


In addition, we continued to implement new services and partnerships to bring simplicity to new markets and achieve a wider view for Canada Web Developer and eliminate accidents based on lessons learned in previous incidents.


Efforts to globalize our organization further included wider expansion of our overseas sales bases, the conclusion of additional alliance agreements, and other business development – mainly in the fast-growing Asian markets. We will continue our endeavors to secure new growth and expand our presence in international markets.


2012 also gave us our 1st Anniversary and the start of the fourth medium-term business plan from spring. We will be focusing not only on improving profitability, no matter how challenging the circumstances, but also on laying an unshakeable foundation for sustainable growth over the next 10 years.
The 10-year vision I have for Canada Web Developer is for our company to become one of the world’s leading global remote IT and Development suppliers, a company of which we can be truly proud.


Realizing this vision requires effective establishment of the Canada Web Developer brand and a strong financial base on which to build.


So, what will be the key challenges for us in 2013?


The first challenge will be to further elevate our standing as a global company. Simply put, we must outperform the competition worldwide.


This goal means we must focus on key factors – quality and service – interacting closely with customers to understand their exact requirements, and then delivering the “right” products at the “right” time. We also need to focus on developing innovative products and services from the perspective of what will be needed 10 years from now.


Our second challenge is to reduce our operating costs.
I call on everyone in R&D and production to leverage our top-level, world-class operational technologies, and to work as a team to steadily strengthen productivity and cost-competitiveness.


It is crucial that we rapidly adjust to demand trends and ensure that our production operations remain flexible and efficient. We also need to keep abreast of sales and production trends to accurately forecast developments, and then respond proactively.


Our third and final challenge is the need, as individual employees, to thoroughly review our present tasks. Ask yourself how you can truly generate value for the company and then concentrate on ways to do this in your own job. Every employee must work proactively, with a clear sense of purpose. For our group, attracting talented young people and developing their skills are as important as ensuring that the knowledge built up by more experienced employees is effectively transferred to new generations.


The seriousness of the ongoing global economic upheaval should not be underestimated. However calm, clear thinking is especially important in a crisis. Accordingly, I wish to stress to everyone, whether you’re in sales, technology development or production, to return to the basics and tackle each challenge with a fresh, forward-looking perspective.


Dealing with the issues we face in today’s severe and uncertain business environment requires total unity and commitment. It is crucial that our entire company acts together, as one, so that we can move swiftly and boldly. I seek your understanding and cooperation as we work together to create opportunities out of the challenges.


I offer my best wishes to you, and to your families, for success, good health and happiness throughout 2013!


Danny McGuire
Founder of Canada Web Developer

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