Google unveils Balloon-Powered Internet, entitled ‘Project Loon’

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You know what we need? Balloon-Powered Internet. Seriously, it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, and the Google team behind Project Loon are the ones best suited to explaining that claim. In their video, they break down the concept of Internet access for ‘everybody’ or Balloon-Powered Internet.

The idea behind their ambitious plan is to have balloons floating in the stratosphere; about 20 kilometers above earth. From this point, the balloons would be able to amplify their signal for a wider audience of users than previously would have used the Internet thus creating the Balloon-Powered Internet Network.

By all indications the team is approaching the concept seriously, for they’re beginning with a Balloon-Powered Internet pilot run in New Zealand. If you can make it to Christchurch in New Zealand for tomorrow, you might see the balloons taking off at the Festival of Flight. At the bottom of their webpage you can also register interest in testing the Balloon-Powered Internet or Project Loon.

Somewhat remarkably, the video comments aren’t all that aggressive. There are examples of fanboyism but going from the tone, people actually do want to see Project Loon coming to life. And why not? The concept of Balloon-Powered Internet is exciting, and with Google’s massive cash flow, it could be funded.

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