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With an incredible 571 websites being created every minute, it’s clear that websites are now an intrinsic part of our lives. However, while this is undoubtedly a helpful addition to our day-to-day activities, too many websites are bogged down by bad design and can suffer from poor maintenance. So if you’re in the midst of developing a website for a commercial site, it’s important to bear the following factors in mind.


As human beings are primarily visual creatures, it’s always important to make sure that the basic aesthetics of your website are up to par. This is critical to the success of a website regardless of the actual content and target audience.


A study by Stanford University revealed that 46.1% of all consumers judged the credibility of a website on the basis of its visual appeal. This can be tied in with a number of factors including typography, font size and use of colours that are all important in reinforcing brand identity and creating an instantly pleasing impression upon the user.


Now that many people use websites for financial and legal transactions, it’s essential that your website has a firm grip over security matters. Many banking institutions have initiated complex methods of allowing customers to log in to their online banking in a secure manner. This can be seen in the recent news that the British bank Halifax are now testing heartbeat sensors that allow users to access their account.


Furthermore, issues of data protection are becoming more and more important in the digital era. In light of NSA revelations, hacks and identity theft, many people are seeking reassurance from firms that their private details will not be disclosed to unauthorised companies.


This is especially important in relation to the booming world of online gaming where many casino sites will be under intense legal scrutiny to ensure that their security systems are adequate. So now any online casino company that deals with banking information such as must be satisfy industry-wide regulation that keeps the consumer information safe and uses it legally.


An all too common complaint of websites in the Net 2.0 era is that they are cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Whilst the new interactive nature of many websites can be rewarding in allowing a greater user experience, few things are going to make people leave a website quickly than being unable to find the information that they are looking for quickly and easily.


This is why it is always important to place the main content front and centre and include navigation bars at the top and the side for ease of user navigation.

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