David Pogue iPad vs Surface Pro 3, which one comes out on top?

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iPad vs Surface Pro 3

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface Pro 3, a 12-inch Surface device that packs a punch in terms of specs. Yahoo’s David Pogue has created a new video that pits the new Surface Pro 3 against the iPad, in the familiar “Mac vs PC” style of commercial we were seeing quite a while back.

Pogue plays both the iPad owner and Surface Pro 3 owner in the video. “Nobody buys the Surface,” he says as he holds the iPad in his hand. He even mentions that the Surface 1 and Surface 2 were considered flops. His alter ego, the one with the Surface Pro 3, fires back by mentioning how you can run desktop apps on the Surface Pro 3, along with a full version of Office, Photoshop, and more. In fact, Pogue shows off how the Surface has a kickstand that will adjust to your needs, while the iPad lacks such a feature.

Pogue is also intrigued by the Surface Type Cover, which is not only a screen cover, but also has a full keyboard and trackpad on the inside. “And, no, it’s not like the Bluetooth add-on keyboard covers you can buy for the iPad. This one attaches magnetically to the Surface and turns on instantly. There’s no messing around with Bluetooth, pairing, and all that stuff. This one is also thinner, lighter, and better designed than anything you can get for the iPad,” he explains.

Now for your viewing pleasure.

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