Amazing online activities that we now take for granted

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Digital innovation happens at a phenomenal pace and it can be all too easy to forget just how far we’ve come in a handful of years. So whilst we’re waiting for Microsoft to grant us powers of teleportation, here’s a look at how the online domain has transformed even the most basic human activities.


Whilst smartphones can be used for anything from taking photos to playing online slots, it’s easy to overlook their incredible communicative powers.

From sharing your holiday experience in real-time thanks to social media video technology like Instagram Live, to hosting a conference calls amongst multiple users with Skype’s video chat facility, we can share our thoughts so much quicker than before.


The incredible convenience of the digital revolution has also dramatically altered our relationship with money. With online banking now the norm, and digital commerce continuing to offer greater choice and added convenience, it’s taken the emphasis away from location and given the consumer many more options.

Few industries have shown such dramatic change as the entertainment industries. Thanks to faster internet speeds, we can now stream entire movies in HD, and music streaming sites have quickly overtaken downloading mp3s as the preferred way to consume music.


As well as turning our houses into home cinemas and vast music libraries, we’ve seen the publishing industry transformed by the rise of the eReader, and brands like Lucky Nugget Casino are giving us the chance to play gambling games like online slots without having to leave the home.

Even our economies look to be dramatically changing thanks to the rise of digital technologies. Innovative new apps like Uber and Airbnb have given us what’s been called the gig economy that means that everything from booking a taxi to looking for holiday accommodation has become much more flexible and convenient.


But above all it’s the way that we can access just about any kind of information with the push of a smartphone button that’s perhaps the most fascinating development.


Whilst the rise of so-called ‘fake news’ has been one of the worrying emergent trends of the digital revolution, when the Internet of Things allows us to control our home remotely, virtual realities begin to alter our habits in unimaginable ways, and even online slots become hugely popular, it’s clear that our online lives are only going to get much more sophisticated.

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